Friday, June 20, 2014

A Taste of Salt... Review on Salty Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadows...

I decided to take some of my own advice.  Whenever I am asked how I learned to do my makeup, my answer is Carmidy from What Not to Wear and I played.  Playing with my face is one of my favorite things to do (who am I kidding; I’ll play with anyone’s face).  Thing is I usually play with the same old stuff.  I am trying to expand my makeup horizons, and I have discovered some pretty good brands and colors out there.  Have I tried all of these discoveries?  Not even close.  I am trying to change that!  I am going to venture out and really try things out of my comfort zone.  First thing I had to do was decide where to start...

I received a jar of Glama- Zoid Mineral Eye Shadow from Salty Cosmetics (I think it was in an IPSY bag) and thought it was great.  It is a beautiful white iridescent color with undertones of violet and pink.  It looks more violet on my skin.  It is a wonderful accent color or highlight.  I usually use it as a highlight in my inner tear duct.  

Me wearing Glama-Zoid through out my lower lash line

That was where I was going to start.  I powered up my laptop to check out what else the company offers.  Salty Cosmetics is pretty well rounded.  They offer lip glosses, foundations, and even nail polish.   I found a great selection of colors... so great that it was a little overwhelming.  Then I discovered the grab bags.  For $10 you receive 10 samples in either a day or night option.  It didn't say what came in the grab bags, but that is a part of the adventure.  I of course I was super excited.  How could I not try that?  They are samples so if I didn't like them I wouldn't feel so bad.  Then I saw that you can get samples of all of the colors!  That is AMAZING.  I can't tell you how many times I have bought full sizes of things that I ended up hating.  Then I would be kicking myself for wasting my money.

So I bought the two grab bags plus a few samples of other colors that I really wanted to try and waited oh so patiently for them to arrive (it was torture).  When I received them I was surprise because the grab bags contained more than just eye shadow... I got lip gloss, bronzer, and blush too.  The samples are a good size.  Good enough to get more than one time use.  I like that, because I have more opportunities to play and experiment.

These are most, but not all of the samples I received

So I swatched most of the colors on my arm to see what I had to work with.  I was pretty happy with what I got.  I got only one double (I was afraid I was going to get a lot of doubles).  Only down side... a few came without names.  There is a pretty light blue that I assume in Sergio's Ojo's and a light pink that I think might be Pinky.  As much as I wanted to stay up all night playing with the colors, I knew that wasn't option.  I did grab two and started to play.

From left to right:
Nebula, Cosmic Martini, Goddess of Bronze, Antiquey, Bad A$$, Persian Goddess, Queen of Venus, Chester Copper Pots, 24 Karat Rose, Sergio's Ojo's (?), Cool Glitz, Pinky (?), Mirage, & Northern Lights

From left to right:
Morenci Black, Butt Nakie, Coca-Mocha, & House of Hash
They are so easy to work with!  So soft and blend able.  Each sample is a great pigment.  The matte colors are smooth and the others had just the right amount of glitz.  I was most excited to try Queen of Venus.  I have been looking for a more eggplant kind of purple for a while.  If you didn't know purple is my favorite color, shame on you!  How could you not?  Have you seen all my purple lipsticks?  It was exactly what I wanted without really knowing it.  I usually lean more towards matte colors (don't get me wrong, I love me some glitter!).  So, when I would find a color to try, it was always harsher than I wanted.  I knew I wanted something more on the eggplant end, but not eggplant.  Queen of Venus was exactly what I envisioned in my head, but couldn't find.

In Queen of Venus and Butt Nakie

I was also very impressed with the Morenci black.  Most of the black eye shadows that I have tried are grayer looking on me.  Not this one... it's BLACK!  I didn't think I would like the 24 Karat Rose as much as I did.  I thought it was pretty, but I didn't really see me wearing it.  Once I put it on it was hard not to love it.  It's not something I would normally wear.  That is a good thing; I am supposed to be venturing out, right?  Another one that I just adore is Persian Goddess.  I really felt like a goddess when I put it on.  It really is the perfect gold.

In 24 Karat Rose

In Goddess of Bronze

Chester Copper Pots

If you  are interested in purchasing please visit the website.  Also there is coupon code.  15% off of your first purchase with the code SALTY15!  

I will leave you with one of my favorite looks...  I was channeling my inner Cleopatra...

In Persian Goddess and Serjio's Ojo's (?)

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