Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Wish List...

I know, I know.... I am way late in the game!  It has been a very busy month for me...  this month's wish list is mostly accessories!  Mainly because I am being über picky about my clothes lately.  Nothing is really striking my fancy, but there are a few clothing items on here!

July Wishlist

July Wish list by jelobo2 featuring kat von d makeup

  1. Blowfish Bilocate Women's Fashion Ankle Boots:   I have been looking for booties like these forever... whenever I find something like them, my size isn't available... now I am in a time crunch.  I need them to complete my outfit that I am wearing to a concert in August (yes I have planned my outfit this far in advance!).... these are also a possibility....
  2. Lip Shoulder Bag from H&M:  So many lip handbags to choose from, but which do I really want?  I do like this H&M one a lot, because it is a shoulder bag rather than a clutch... don't get me wrong, I love my clutches, but shoulder bags, especially on the smaller side are much more convenient
  3. for when I go out shopping.
  4. Isis Crystal Necklace for ILY Couture:  I want this necklace on my neck now!  It's so charming and I can see myself wearing it on a night out or just jazzing up a causal look like a tank top and comfy jeans.  Ever girl needs a staple like this in their wardrobe!
  5. Pixie Perfect Green Flats from  I need more flat shoes.  I have two pairs and one pair is almost completely worn out!  These are beyond adorable and come in 3 more colors... Cupcake Peach FlatsTutu Cute Black Flats, and Fantastically Fuchsia Flats.  I want them all!
  6. Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5:  YYYYEEESSSS!  You all know my obsession with lipstick and I can't believe I didn't know about this line sooner!  I saw this lipstick on @missjazminad on instagram and it was love.  I need this color and the Lolita and the Bachelorette!


  1. Editorial Edition Clutch from  HOW CUTE IS THIS!?  You had me at Vogue covers! :)
  2. Fantasy Floral High-Waisted Short from Forever21:  Shorts are growing on me...
  3. Netted Wrap Chain Necklace from  This necklace is like the best of both worlds!  I love scarves... I love statement necklaces.. SCORE!
  4. Wraparound Jersey Cardigan from Love Culture:  All the structure of a blazer and the comfort of a cardigan...  I wish it came in more colors, not just the burgundy and the taupe!!
  5. Betsy Bow Bra by Bravissimo:  So I've FINALLY figured out my bra size and I am so getting this bra!  How freaking adorable is it?  There are so many bras from this site that I want (like $1000 worth)!
  6. ASOS Curve Cami Top With Wrap:  Effortless fabulousness!  Summer is all about effortless comfort, but we are still talking about me... I still need to be stylish!  
  7. New Look Inspire Swing Shell With Pendant Necklace:  I am not really a fan of tops wit hardware, but this is cute and is easy and breezy.... aka perfect for summer!  
  8. Dermophisiologique Optyma Nutri- Lift Eye Contour Cream:  Now for my most extravagant wish list item! A while back I had an allergic reaction to the latex in my eyelash glue.  Although my eye has healed and I have moved on to a non- latex formula that I LOVE, my eye hasn't been the same.  The skin around that eye is now very sensitive and a prone to being really dry and flaky.  I need something that is going to keep my eye moisturized, but won't irritate my eye.  I hear great things about this eye cream, for $85 I better hear good things about it!  My good friend who is an esthetician highly recommends is.  Worth a try right?

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